10 Fresh Laravel Packages – October 2016

Let’s continue our monthly tradition of reviewing new and useful Laravel packages. To be honest, not all of them are new, but found by me only recently. As usual, here are the slides with links to the packages below.

Links to the packages:

  1. Geocoder
  2. Laravel Theme
  3. Translation Sheet
  4. Laravel Packager
  5. Sequel Pro Laravel Export
  6. Laravel Custom Post Manager
  7. Laravel API Tester
  8. Analyze Locale
  9. Laravel Swap
  10. Charts

What is your favorite of these 10? Anything useful I should add to the next month list?

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  1. Hello Povilas Korop,
    I am very happy to have a leader like you and this article really helped me as i got something new and make my work easy and fast.
    I got a little problem and if you post an article about it, than it would be a great effort, as i was testing laravel passport Password Grant type for another table rather than user table, e.g if i have other table like customers and its model is Customers, So how can we authorize a customer using Passport grand type….

    As i tried , i create separate guard for customer, but the problem was that when i forward request for token, the token is created and returned but when i checked the token table, there was id of user table instead of customer table, As i had one user in the user table with id=1 and I had one user in Customers table with id=4.
    so , As the passport has to insert id=4 while creating token in the auth-token table, but it insert id=1 in auth-token table..
    any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

  2. Hello Povilas!

    It’s so nice to see my package (Laravel Theme) listed among other “Fresh” packages.

    Your opening slide raises a nice question about the use of packages. My packages were born as part of my projects and were later extracted as stand-alone pieces of code. I found that my code quality to increase substantially when exposing to public.Not to mention the important feedback that I received. As a package consumer however I am skeptical about introducing too many dependencies on my code… I use popular packaged for important parts of my application..

    PS: Christmas update is on the way!



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