10 less-known Laravel Packages: April 2016

There’s so many Laravel packages out there! Around 8500, to be exact. And so many of them unknown to the public, because authors are not shouting about them too loud. So I decided to help them and start a monthly digest of less-known packages, presenting them at my local meetup in Lithuania, and also on the blog. So here’s 10 packages I’ve found this month.

Presented in a slideshow format:

Update: After your comments – here are clickable links to Packages:

  1. Laravel Log Viewer
  2. Dingo / API
  3. Laravel Sitemap
  4. iseed
  5. Laravel Countries
  6. Laravel Medialibrary
  7. Laravel Newsletter
  8. Eloquent Sortable
  9. Laravel Router
  10. User Email Verification

Used any of these? Your impressions?
Or any less-famous packages you would like to recommend for next month digest?

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  1. Hi Povilas! Thanks for your post, I found the packages interesting. I was wondering if you’d please provide a clickable list in a future post to easy linking through to each package? It’s not possible to click or copy/paste the URL shown in each slide.

    Thanks again!


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