Caffeine Package – prevent forms from timing out

If you have a longer form in your project, it takes time to fill it in. And if it’s hidden under user session, it will time out – by default, in 120 minutes. Seems like enough time, but what if a user left the form open for longer time, went for coffee or something, and then tries to finish it after a while? There is a package to make session active.

It’s called Caffeine for Laravel (I guess, the name means “a medicine for Laravel form not to fall asleep”). It works in a really simple way – by sending background ajax requests to server from time to time, therefore making session active.

How to use it:

1. Composer require:

composer require genealabs/laravel-caffeine:~0.3.0

(or different version 0.2.0 for Laravel 5.1)

2. Service Provider:


3. Additional middleware in app/Http/Kernel.php:

protected $middleware = [
  // ...

By default, the package sends refresh requests every 5 minutes. You can change that time interval by changing the config. But first you need to publish it:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=genealabs-laravel-caffeine

And then go to /app/config/genealabs-laravel-caffeine.php file to change settings.

Expecting more information? No, that’s it – simple package to effectively achieve one simple function. Great work and respect to author Mike Bronner!

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