Laravel Auth controllers

Taylor Otwell: Laravel 7 Will Move Auth Controllers into UI Package

I've been listening to Laravel Snippet podcast by Taylor Otwell, and heard some news about upcoming Laravel 7, which I think is pretty important for blog readers to know. So, changes are coming to Auth scaffolding.

The Biggest Problem with Eloquent Accessors “Magic”

I confess - during five years of working with Laravel, I've been fascinated by its "magic" and how little code is needed to actually make things work. But recently, as my projects grew in size, that "magic" started to become a problem. One of the typical example is Eloquent Accessors, so in this article I will put an argument against using them, and what to do instead.

Top 5 All-Time Must-Watch Videos from Laracon

I have been to three Laracon EU conferences in Amsterdam (will likely be there in 2019, too, see you there?), and it's a great vibe. And usually one or two talks per year just strike it with really high quality and relevant topics. I decided to search official playlists and bring you my favorite top 5 videos every Laravel developer must watch.
Laravel code structure

Upcoming Course: “How to Structure Laravel Project”

The most often question I hear in Laravel is this: "Where should I put this code logic?" Let's try to answer it, in an online-course format.

Laravel Models folder: To Be or Not To Be

This post is inspired by some discussions that appear constantly in various forums or social media channels. Question of the day/month/year: why is there no app/Models folder? And do we need one?

Survey Results: Top Server Tools Used by Laravel Community

A few days ago I started a survey about the tools that Laravel people use. I've spread the word on Twitter, and asked some people via Direct Messages, so got 52 responses. Here are the answers to 5 questions I asked.

Do we still need Down migrations? Taylor says No.

On the last episode of Laravel Podcast, Taylor Otwell said something controversial but I had a gut feeling about it for a long time. So, do you actually use down() method in migrations, and rollback them?

Can Laravel Be Used for Big Enterprise Apps? [Summary of Laravel Podcast]

Yesterday I've listened to a new Laravel Podcast episode with Taylor Otwell, Jeffrey Way and Matt Stauffer - and they (finally) talked about creating big apps with Laravel, lately this question is asked a lot by everyone. So is Laravel "fit" or "mature enough" for big projects? Since the podcast guys don't provide a transcript, and listening to 50 minutes can be an overkill, I decided to write a summary, quoting the conversation and dividing the answers into more readable format like Q&A and bullet points, also relevant links.

Laurence Ioannou from EyeWitness: “Monitoring specifically for Laravel”

Another interesting interview on our blog, at the same time presenting you a new tool - EyeWitness.io is a monitoring and application analytics tool, built specifically for Laravel. Today we're talking with its founder Laurence - he shares the idea and why EyeWitness is different from other similar projects.

Mattias Geniar from DNS Spy: “Without Laravel Spark, my project wouldn’t exist”

There are more and more applications built on Laravel, part of them use Laravel Spark as their base. So I decided to interview the owner of such project. Mattias is not only the creator of DNS Spy, but also actively shares his tips on server management, so you will get a lot of knowledge bombs from this interview - on Laravel Spark, DNS topic and servers in general. Let's get into it!