From Client Dev-Work to Your Product: 7 Tips to Change Your Mindset

Quite often developers and agencies get tired of client work and start creating their own products: internal tools, packages, maybe even SaaS solutions. That's...

Bobby Bouwmann: “2 Years and 1000 Best Replies on Laracasts”

In recent years, Laracasts has become a no.1 resource for learning Laravel. Also, there's a really active discussion forum on the website, so we decided to chat with one of the most active members there. Bobby Bouwmann has almost 1000 "Best Reply" awards on the forum, which is a huge number. So what is it like to be so active on Laracasts? Let's find out.

Jason McCreary from Laravel Shift: “Ambitious project that gets smarter as more people use...

Another interview with an interesting Laravel-world person and about an ambitious project - this time our guest is Jason McCreary, with his latest project called Laravel Shift.

Mario Bašić: “Laravelista emerged from my love of writing and helping other people”

Recently quite a lot of web-projects started with tutorials and courses on Laravel. On of them is Laravelista, created by Mario Bašić. We decided to talk to the author and ask more details about the project and how's it going.

10 Quick Lessons from 6 Laravel Product Reviews

Those who follow this blog or Twitter account know that last week I did some Laravel-based products reviews. Totally 6 of them, all in one week. I've published them one by one, and now it's time to recap and talk about main conclusions, takeaways and lessons. What have I learned from those Laravel products?

Ryan Thompson from PyroCMS: “It’s all about principles”

Another interesting interview! Some of you may have heard about PyroCMS - one of the best Laravel-based systems on the market. So I decided to talk to its creator Ryan Thompson and ask about the history of Pyro, the future plans and the vision behind the project. And here's a long but interesting interview with insights from the man himself. Have fun reading!

Jeff Madsen: Laravel newsletter, books and dev-life in Japan [INTERVIEW]

Let's continue our new tradition of interviewing interesting people - today I have Jeff Madsen who is really active on Twitter and on his Laravel newsletter, which we will talk about in a minute. He's also written a couple of books and has a lot of tips - both on coding and on freelancing. And on life in general. Let's talk to Jeff!

Bruno Škvorc: work at SitePoint, Laravel’s popularity and Freelancing

We have another interview with an active PHP community member! Bruno Škvorc is a PHP developer and an editor at the popular SitePoint. I decided to ask him about his career, coding and writing about code. Also we talk about freelancing success and predictions for PHP market future. Let's dive in!

Laravel for Clients: why Laravel and not Symfony?

In this chapter of my e-book let’s take on the "holy war" between frameworks. I’m not kidding here - developers actually fight (verbally only, I hope) with each other about what framework to use.

Thoughts and feelings after Laracon EU 2016

Yes, you've read it right - thoughts and feelings, not review or recap. This article will be filled with emotions, cause that was my first Laracon and for me it was a lot of new thing, meeting people etc.