Why it’s not that bad to code PHP on Windows

(Guest post by Oliver Hermanni) Some days ago Povilas wrote a post why it's bad to code PHP on Windows. He got quite a lot of comments there and on Twitter - and to be honest, not all of them where nice. Unfortunately this is a regular problem - Apple users tend to overreact when it's about Windows. I'm not sure, if most of them ever worked with Windows or why it's still cool to hate it.

My new FREE e-book: “Laravel for Clients”

Another side-project from my team and me personally. Lately there's quite a lot of books about Laravel, as the framework gets more popular. But the thing I've missed on the market is a non-technical book about Laravel. So here it is - presenting to you "Laravel for Clients"!

Why it’s bad to code PHP on Windows environment

I see quite a lot of PHP developers using Windows operating system. And there's nothing wrong with that. But if you look closer...

DeveloperHourlyRate – our new mini-project with a simple message for clients

One of the most popular questions I'm getting as a developer and team leader is what is my/our hourly rate for web-development. Instead of answering "it depends" every time, I decided to create a mini website with an answer. Might be useful not only to myself but to you too - whether you would show it to your clients, or you are a client yourself.

How secure is Laravel? [VIDEO]

After a while I'm back to my Laravel Business video channel, and topic of this 5-minute episode is security, for Laravel projects and beyond.

What do you use as Adminpanel? [Survey Results + QuickAdmin Teaser]

Last week I've conducted a survey, asking you guys what adminpanel solution you're using for your projects. Time to look at the results, make some conclusions and... present to you first draft of upcoming new QuickAdmin.

Survey: what do you use as Laravel admin-panel?

Hey guys, need your help and opinion. While working on my QuickAdmin package vision, decided to "get outside the building" and talk to people - what do you actually need? What is the pain point? Is there a problem at all?

[Need Opinion] Idea: Laravel adminpanel-generator as a service?

This article is a personal one from me and I really need your opinion on this idea. Would be grateful for any feedback in the comments, on Twitter or email povilas@laraveldaily.com. So, in short, does the market need QuickAdmin in SaaS version?

WebDevBusiness – my new blog and podcast about the Business of web-development

This time I want to present you something non-technical. While writing to Laravel Daily, I thought that I have quite a lot to say about business part of web-development, not only Laravel technical tips. Especially since I'm currently transitioning from being a developer to being a team leader and owner of small company which you could call a "studio", I guess.

Holywar: when to use Laravel vs WordPress?

In PHP world there are two big groups of developers - those who work with Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal etc.) and those with frameworks (Laravel, Symfony etc.). And rarely people work with both worlds - cause their philosophy is fundamentally different. But when you get a new project from a client - how to decide whether Laraver is the best choice? Or maybe simple WordPress would be enough and would save time/money? Sometimes it's not that easy to decide. So here are my tips - questions you need to ask.