8 Lessons after Releasing a Laravel Package

As you may have noticed, last week our small team released a package called QuickAdmin - an adminpanel builder for a quick start. For me it was the first public open-source release of a package, so it was a really interesting experience. And I want to share some thoughts - hopefully it would help those who plan to release something similar.

Laravel News Podcast – with first two episodes!

Great quick news for the Laravel community - today Eric L. Barnes, author of Laravel News website, announced Laravel News Podcast! So, from now we can have new information about Laravel in audio format.

Laracon US 2015 Recap – main takeaways

Two-day Laracon US Conference has just finished yesterday, and now it's time to recap all of it. Especially for those who didn't make it to Louisville (like myself), there's a ton of public information about everything that has happened there. Let's dig it all up and try to build a picture.

Most important Laravel people to follow on Twitter

Twitter is probably the best way of getting quick updates on the news and get relevant links to newly published articles, and Laravel community is not an exception - so here's a list of who to follow.