5 Less-Known Features of Spatie Media Library

Spatie Laravel MediaLibrary is one of the most popular Laravel packages, with almost million downloads. But have you read all of its documentation, with all the features? Let's dive in.

Laravel Wink Package: WordPress Mini-Alternative for Laravel?

A quick review of Laravel Wink by Mohamed Said. It provides a really pleasant writing experience, but is it good for actual fully-featured blog project? Let's take a look.

EloquentFilter Package Review: Process GET Query Without IF Statements

Quick review of a package called EloquentFilter - it will help you move complicated search logic from controller to separate filter classes, to keep your code cleaner.

Laravel Breadcrumbs: Show Path to Your Article

Another quick package video review - this time we're having Laravel Breadcrumbs, which helps to show the path with links to the record you're currently showing.

Embed and Parse Youtube/Vimeo Videos with Laravel Embed Package

I've recently found a simple package that helps to transform any URL into embeddable HTML, the best examples are Youtube and Vimeo videos.

Laravel Vouchers Package: Add Discounts to your Project

Another package review on our YouTube channel, this time it's Laravel Vouchers by Beyondcode. Probably the most simple way to add discount codes to your Laravel app.

Laravel Widgets Package: Build Dashboard with Auto-Reloading Data

New video on our YouTube channel - mini-review of a package called Laravel Widgets. It's pretty simple on the surface, but has a few great features to make it really useful.
Laravel Searchable package

New Package Laravel-Searchable: Easily Search in Multiple Models

Spatie team is still on fire with new packages. This week they released another one called Laravel Searchable, created mainly by AlexVanderbist. I've tried it myself and can show you a demo, along with my opinion.

How to Send Email From Laravel, and Why We Need 3rd Party Providers For...

Sending email is a typical function for most web-projects: notifications, password reminders, invoices are done via email. But in recent years we've faced a technical problem. It's not about just sending emails anymore, it's about delivering them successfully.

Laravel Excel Export: Formatting and Styling Cells

Laravel-Excel package is great for exporting data. But not a lot of info there about formatting Excel cells - widths, word wraps, fonts etc. So when I encountered this in a client's project, I decided to write this article with a few tips on this topic.