Laurence Ioannou from EyeWitness: “Monitoring specifically for Laravel”

Another interesting interview on our blog, at the same time presenting you a new tool - is a monitoring and application analytics tool, built specifically for Laravel. Today we're talking with its founder Laurence - he shares the idea and why EyeWitness is different from other similar projects.

Mattias Geniar from DNS Spy: “Without Laravel Spark, my project wouldn’t exist”

There are more and more applications built on Laravel, part of them use Laravel Spark as their base. So I decided to interview the owner of such project. Mattias is not only the creator of DNS Spy, but also actively shares his tips on server management, so you will get a lot of knowledge bombs from this interview - on Laravel Spark, DNS topic and servers in general. Let's get into it!

Coaster CMS: Laravel 5.3-based System with Context

Recently I've seen a few tweets about Coaster CMS and decided to try it out. Not that I would use Laravel-based CMS (I've written a review before), but it's interesting what's inside and whether the creators are serious about it. So let's take a look.

Jason McCreary from Laravel Shift: “Ambitious project that gets smarter as more people use...

Another interview with an interesting Laravel-world person and about an ambitious project - this time our guest is Jason McCreary, with his latest project called Laravel Shift.

LaraQuiz: how well do you know Laravel?

New mini-project from our Laravel Daily Team - let's test your Laravel knowledge with! Project was created to showcase our own QuickAdmin and mostly for a local Laravel Meetup, but hey - why not share with the world, right?

REVIEW: 3 Tools to Generate Laravel Migrations from Existing Database

Recently I've found a few interesting tools that help generate Laravel migrations automatically from your already existing database schema. In theory it looks very cool, but we decided to test them - I asked a colleague to actually try them all out with real demo-projects. How do they generate filenames and field types? Additional rules? Foreign keys? Do they actually work? Let's take a look.

Laravel for Clients: Tools/services for Laravel deployment

As I mentioned in another chapter of the book, deployment of the code is a pretty complicated process - actually, not only in Laravel, in any modern robust projects. So, to make it easier - Laravel creator Taylor Otwell has built some additional tools to make it easier.

Dennis from LaraBug: “Growing faster than I could imagine”

We have another interesting interview in our blog - this time I've invited Dennis Smink who recently launched a new Laravel-related project called Larabug, so we're talking about what is behind the scenes of this new idea.

Laravel for Clients: What is deployment and how does it work in Laravel?

Deployment is a process of “installing” the project to the server, to make it work “in public”. Imagine software installation process of “Download -> Install -> Some configuration -> Finish -> Use”. Similar here, just not visual - it all happens with “command magic” usually.

10 Quick Lessons from 6 Laravel Product Reviews

Those who follow this blog or Twitter account know that last week I did some Laravel-based products reviews. Totally 6 of them, all in one week. I've published them one by one, and now it's time to recap and talk about main conclusions, takeaways and lessons. What have I learned from those Laravel products?