Laravel Router – a package to organize your routes

One of the most common questions in Laravel world is how to organize the routes file, especially for bigger projects. Of course, you can have groups, prefixes and similar things, but today I want to present to you a package by Sebastiaan Luca - called Laravel Router.

MailTrap – send testing email without actually sending it

After all those recent Mandrill news the whole web-dev community was shaken up and started looking for alternatives for transactional emails. And actually, there is a whole another way of thinking about it: do we always actually need to send the email?

Review: Top 5 Laravel-based CMSs

When talking about Frameworks vs CMSs, we usually compare one to another. But in fact there are quite a lot of CMSs that are built on top of frameworks! Laravel isn't an exception and there are a few popular CMS projects which deserve attention. So I decided to look at the market and do a quick testing of those. Let's see what I've found.

Laravel Hackathon Starter – boilerplate package for quick start

Today I want to show you a useful package I've found - it's called Laravel Hackathon Starter and created by Prosper Otemuyiwa. It gives you a perfect start for quick project you need.

Caffeine Package – prevent forms from timing out

If you have a longer form in your project, it takes time to fill it in. And if it's hidden under user session, it will time out - by default, in 120 minutes. Seems like enough time, but what if a user left the form open for longer time, went for coffee or something, and then tries to finish it after a while? There is a package to make session active.

Laravel-datatables: enchant your tables with ease

Today I want to offer you an overview of a package made for integration into Laravel: laravel-datatables. This package allows you to easily create server-side processed DataTables with most of its available functionality while only writing a few lines of code.

Laravel Schema Designer – prepare your database visually

Laravel has a great mechanism of migrations, but what if you want to visualize your DB schema to see all in one place - to discuss with colleagues, for example. There is a great tool for that - here's a brief overview of Laravel Schema Designer.

QuickAdmin: package to build Laravel adminpanel in minutes

Today is an important day for me - I want to introduce to you a new Laravel package created by myself and my team....

10 Laravel packages everyone should know [SLIDES]

Today I want to share with you my own presentation made in my home city Vilnius (for those who don't know - it's a capital of Lithuania, Baltic States, here's a map) where we organised a local Laravel community meetup.

Laravel-Excel: export Eloquent Models results easily

Today I want to briefly overview one package Laravel-Excel. I probably don't need to explain its purpose - the title says everything. But what I do want to show you is how easy it is to export data to Excel using Eloquent.