Laravel-datatables: enchant your tables with ease

Today I want to offer you an overview of a package made for integration into Laravel: laravel-datatables. This package allows you to easily create server-side processed DataTables with most of its available functionality while only writing a few lines of code.

Laravel Schema Designer – prepare your database visually

Laravel has a great mechanism of migrations, but what if you want to visualize your DB schema to see all in one place - to discuss with colleagues, for example. There is a great tool for that - here's a brief overview of Laravel Schema Designer.

QuickAdmin: package to build Laravel adminpanel in minutes

Today is an important day for me - I want to introduce to you a new Laravel package created by myself and my team....

10 Laravel packages everyone should know [SLIDES]

Today I want to share with you my own presentation made in my home city Vilnius (for those who don't know - it's a capital of Lithuania, Baltic States, here's a map) where we organised a local Laravel community meetup.

Laravel-Excel: export Eloquent Models results easily

Today I want to briefly overview one package Laravel-Excel. I probably don't need to explain its purpose - the title says everything. But what I do want to show you is how easy it is to export data to Excel using Eloquent.

Generating fake Seeds data with Faker package

If you follow proper development and deployment process, at some point you have to test your web app with some kind of data. Fake data, preferably. But, on the other hand, "real enough" to test how it would look and work. There's an awesome package for this called Faker.

How to configure PHPStorm for PSR-2

Just a quick tip - since Laravel 5.1 now is coming with PSR-2 support (most important change is spaces indent instead of tabs), it makes sense to configure your editor to support that by default, if you haven't done so already.