Nested Resource Controllers and Routes: Laravel CRUD Example

When building CRUD-like projects, sometimes you want some items be accessible only with their parent, for example in countries-cities relationships, you don't want to list all the cities in the world, but only by country, like /countries/123/cities, where 123 is country_id. This article will show you how to do it, using Route::resource() and usual CRUD controllers.

Multi-Language Routes and Locales with Auth

Multilanguage projects are quite easy to configure in Laravel, but if you want to have locale as part of URL, like /en/about, then you will have trouble with Auth::routes(), they won't work by default like /en/register. This article will show you what to do.

Working with MySQL JSON Columns in Laravel: Custom Properties Example

JSON fields are gaining more popularity since they became officially supported in MySQL 5.7.8. Even the popular Spatie Laravel Medialibrary package use them, so why shouldn't we? This tutorial will show you an example.

Generate Slug Keyword from Title: Laravel + AJAX

If you work with project or blog where records require so-called slug (posts, pages etc.), it's convenient to generate slug immediately after title has been typed in. This article will show you how to do it in Laravel, with AJAX and with a help of one Laravel package.

Multiple File Upload with Dropzone.js and Laravel MediaLibrary Package

File upload is one of the most popular features in modern web. And we have quite a few libraries that can help us to build upload form. Let's take two of my favorites - Dropzone on the front-end, and Spatie MediaLibrary on the back-end, and build a great uploading experience, in this tutorial.
invite only laravel auth

Laravel Auth: Make Registration Invitation-Only

Laravel comes with great Auth out-of-the-box. But some projects don't allow public registration, they send invitation links instead. This article will show you how to implement it.

Laravel: Find Addresses with Coordinates via Google Maps API

Quite often we need to save addresses in the database, and we want them to be accurate. Probably, the best way to ensure it is to provide customers with input field where they choose the address from auto-completed values as they type. This article will show you how to achieve it in Laravel, let's build a "location picker" with Google Maps API.
laravel timezones project

Demo-Project: Managing Timezones for Every User in Laravel

To demonstrate how Laravel works with timezones, we've created a small demo-project. User registration is expanded with Timezone field, and then every...

8 Things You Can Customize in Laravel Registration

Laravel has a great Auth system out-of-the-box, with just a few commands you can have Login/Register functions ready. But let's dive a little deeper and see what we can easily customize.

Did You Know: Five Additional Filters in belongsTo() or hasMany()

Typical Eloquent one-to-many relationship is defined with belongsTo() and hasMany() methods in the model. But did you know you can chain more methods to filter specific records for that relationship? Let me show you what I mean.