Demo-project: Laravel 5.5 Passport API with Vue.js Client

While working internally with Laravel APIs and Vue.js, decided to create a sample open-source project to show how it all works together.

Laravel password expired: force change password every 30 days

In some systems it is required to change password every X days: in banking sector, or working with more sensitive data. Laravel doesn't have that functionality out-of-the-box, but it's easy to build. Let's do it today.

How to convert WordPress theme to Laravel Blade

Laravel is a back-end framework, but most web-projects still require a front-end theme. And there are no sites with "Laravel themes", all front-end themes are mostly based on WordPress CMS. But it shouldn't be a problem - we can easily transform a WP theme to Laravel Blade. We often do that for our clients, so I will show you a simple example.

Laravel Validation: 5 Less-known Rules

A short list in "Did you know...?" style. Laravel has a convenient validation mechanism, but most of us only use simple rules like 'required', 'email' or 'date'. Actually, there are a few less-known but pretty interesting ones. Let's have a look.

Using WordPress REST API in Laravel

Recent WordPress 4.7 version was released with a huge thing called REST API - earlier it was possible only with external plugins. So now we can query WordPress database from external projects. Including Laravel. So let's try it out.

Laravel AJAX File Upload with BlueImp JQuery Library

File uploads is one of the most important functions on the internet, and we have bigger files nowadays, which means it's not enough to have simple input fields - we need AJAX and processing file upload "in the background". Here I will show you a simple example of that in Laravel 5.

How To Upload Multiple Files in Laravel 5.4

File upload is one of the most commonly used features in web-projects. And it seems pretty easy - form, submit, validation, store....

83 Top Laravel Articles in 2016: What You Clicked in Newsletters

A little later than most "Year in Review" posts but it took some time to manually pick the most-clicked articles from our newsletter, there were 1000+ useful links from all over the web. Also I will mention authors with links to their profiles - let's thank them for their effort! So, what topics were the most popular in 2016?

5 Ways to Solve Angular and Blade Conflict

If you work with AngularJS and Laravel project, you might come across a conflict of the same syntax - both Angular and Blade use {{ }} brackets for variables. How to avoid errors? Actually, there's more than one option here.

Laravel for Clients: What is the difference between Laravel versions?

Every framework has its own version history - it’s being maintained and updated. So every new version brings new functionality, some functions are changed or deprecated, so it’s quite important to know which version you will be using for your projects.