Laravel 5.1.11 introduces ACL system

Another great news for Laravel community - more and more often repeated functions become a part of Laravel framework itself. Today a new addition is Authorization or ACL functionality.

How to use external classes and PHP files in Laravel Controller?

Laravel is an MVC framework with its own folder structure, but sometimes we want to use something external which doesn't follow the same structure. Let's review two different scenarios - when we have external class and when it's just a .php file.

CSRF protection difference: Laravel 4.x, 5.0 and 5.1

For those who work with different Laravel versions on different projects, it's useful to know the difference of CSRF logic - it changed a little from 4.x to 5.x.

CRUD: How to avoid building whole Form for Delete button

There is one annoying thing in Laravel RESTful approach - if you want to have Edit/Delete links in your tables, Edit is done easy with a link to URL, but for Delete you have to build the whole form. Is there a way to avoid it?

There’s no PUT/PATCH/DELETE method, or how to build a Laravel form manually

Laravel RESTful controller mechanism is a very convenient thing - we generate Controller, write {{ Form::xxxx() }} methods in Blade templates and it works like magic. But there's a little trick there which I want to talk about - it's PUT/PATCH/DELETE methods for updating the database entries.

All about Redirects in Laravel 5

Laravel has a useful function redirect() to, well, redirect a user to a different page or action, with or without data. Let's discuss those various options in one place - maybe you will find out something new for yourself.