Taylor Otwell: “Thin” Controllers, “Fat” Models Approach

I was listening to recent podcast by Taylor Otwell, Laravel Snippet episode 11, where he touched on the debate in Laravel community on where you should put your code logic - in Controllers, Models, or Services. Here's what he said.

How Much I Earn From This LaravelDaily Blog [ALL NUMBERS]

After getting many questions like "How do you find time to blog daily" or "Why do you do that, it's not profitable", I decided to shoot a video, openly sharing my numbers for revenue, popularity, visitors etc. So, let's talk business.

Laravel Wink Package: WordPress Mini-Alternative for Laravel?

A quick review of Laravel Wink by Mohamed Said. It provides a really pleasant writing experience, but is it good for actual fully-featured blog project? Let's take a look.

EloquentFilter Package Review: Process GET Query Without IF Statements

Quick review of a package called EloquentFilter - it will help you move complicated search logic from controller to separate filter classes, to keep your code cleaner.

How to Quickly Create Laravel User with Tinker

A new 2-minute video showing probably the quickest way to create a new user in Laravel users table.

Laravel Breadcrumbs: Show Path to Your Article

Another quick package video review - this time we're having Laravel Breadcrumbs, which helps to show the path with links to the record you're currently showing.

Be Careful with findOrFail() Method

Short video with an example, how findOrFail() and similar methods may lead to unexpected result for the end user.

MySQL Auto-Increment: What Happens If Insert Fails?

Pretty random question, almost like a trivia/pubquiz thing. Let's say I'm doing insert SQL query, and if it fails - for example, some foreign or unique key is violated. What would be the ID of the next successful inserted record? Will it increase?

Laravel Vouchers Package: Add Discounts to your Project

Another package review on our YouTube channel, this time it's Laravel Vouchers by Beyondcode. Probably the most simple way to add discount codes to your Laravel app.

Laravel Widgets Package: Build Dashboard with Auto-Reloading Data

New video on our YouTube channel - mini-review of a package called Laravel Widgets. It's pretty simple on the surface, but has a few great features to make it really useful.