Validation Rules: Required If/With/Without

New video on our YouTube channel, this time we're talking about required rule when applied to more than one field, if they are related to each other.

Laravel Excel Demo: Export -> Edit -> Import Back

This is a free 15-minute live-coding video from my course "Excel Export/Import in Laravel". In this video, I'm seeding some data, exporting it to Excel, edit some data there and importing it back, all with Laravel Excel package.

Laravel Validation Rules: PRESENT and FILLED

There is a well-known Laravel validation rule required. But did you know there a few similar rules called present and filled? In this short video, I'm showing the differences and use-cases.

How to Handle Exceptions in Laravel Excel Import

This is a free video from my online course "Excel: Export/Import in Laravel". In this video, I'm trying to import a file via Laravel Excel package, and showing how to handle errors and catch PHP Exceptions.

Excel Export from Laravel Blade Table

This is a free video from my course "Excel: Export/Import in Laravel". In this video, I'm showing a less-known feature of Laravel Excel package - exporting from HTML/Blade table.

Active Current Menu Item: How to Use Request Segment

In this short video, I will show two strategies to highlight current menu item or section as active, using $request parameters.

Installing AdminLTE into Laravel Project

In this short video, I will install AdminLTE Bootstrap theme in live-coding mode.

Learn Laravel from YouTube: 9 Playlists/Channels to Watch

Laracasts is the no.1 place to learn Laravel, no doubt. But if you don't want to pay for subscription or just like to use YouTube, there are people who can teach you there. I've searched through YouTube and picked the best ones, in my opinion.

NEW: Laravel Daily Video – Short Episode Every Day

Recently I've got some inspiration, watching video series or so-called "vlogs" by entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk. So decided to start something like that in Laravel world - a DAILY video series (except weekends). Short 5-10 minute episodes where I will share my thoughts about various topics from Laravel and web-dev business.

How to Prevent and Fix Bugs: 10 Things you can do [VIDEO]

I've published a new video on our Youtube Channel Laravel Business - decided to talk about bugs and how to prevent/fix them effectively. Here are my thoughts.