Starting a Laravel Project: 9 Things to Discuss with Client [VIDEO]

New video on my Youtube channel Laravel Business - today I want to talk about what to talk about (ironical, right) with the client before the beginning of the project. Usually those conversations save huuuuge amount of time (and potential failures) in process of the project.

How secure is Laravel? [VIDEO]

After a while I'm back to my Laravel Business video channel, and topic of this 5-minute episode is security, for Laravel projects and beyond.

Releasing Laravel Packages: Good, Bad and Ugly [VIDEO]

Here's the 2nd episode of my new Laravel Business video show where once a week I share the thoughts about Laravel-related work from the business perspective, as I'm transitioning from being a developer to being an owner of a small team.

My new video show “Laravel Business”! Episode 01: Why Laravel?

I decided to start a new side project in form of a YouTube channel where I speak about business side of Laravel. As I'm transitioning from being a developer to being an owner of a small team/agency, I'm looking at the same Laravel world from different perspective now - analyze the tools for effective usage and more profit. So here's the first episode of Laravel Business.

Laravel Custom Validation: one of the fields required, but not both

Laravel Validation mechanism has a lot of rules provided - a field can be required, integer, IP address, timezone etc. But sometimes there is a need for a special rule which is not in that list. One example of this is when you have two fields and you need only one of them to be filled. One, or another, but NOT BOTH. Laravel doesn't have a rule for that, so let's create one!