How to create adminpanel in Laravel – with or without QuickAdminPanel

A lot of people were asking about out QuickAdminPanel tool – how does it actually work and what it does or doesn’t do. So I decided to create a short 15-minute presentation on how to create adminpanel in Laravel in general, without our tool, and then at the end I show you how it’s done quicker with QuickAdminPanel, then you will hopefully understand the difference and why it’s so useful.

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  1. Great video! It teaches by going through the steps required to create an admin panel, which is helpful if you want to “roll your own.” It also makes a clear, concise, and compelling argument for using QuickAdmin panel, without being pushy.

  2. Hey 🙂 Wouldn’t this mean ( if I download the files after generating CRUDs ) that my Laravel app version would need to correspond to the quick admin panel’s version? How would I use quick admin panel to implement all of this nice and quick functionality into my existing project? Copy paste files to my applications appropriate folders ?

    • Hey Novica,

      1. QuickAdmin is suitable mostly for NEW projects – so you generate adminpanel, download it and then add your code on top of it. We’re getting a lot of requests for adding adminpanel to existing projects, but the problem is QuickAdmin cannot know your project structure so we cannot realistically build that flexibly. So in this case – yes, if you have existing project, you download our project and copy things one-by-one (or folder by folder) where you need.

      2. Versions: Now that 5.3 is out, we will update QuickAdmin (both package and online version) to 5.3 – you would be able to choose the branch for generating code.


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