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Laravel 8 + Vue.js 3 CRUD with Composition API

There are quite a lot of articles/videos on Laravel + Vue CRUD, but not enough is published on the newest Vue.js 3 version, using the new Composition API. So, with this step-by-step detailed article, let's fill in that gap, building a simple Company management form.

Larger Laravel Projects: 12 Things to Take Care Of

Probably the most difficult step in the dev career is to jump from simple CRUD-like projects in the early years into some senior-level stuff with bigger architecture and a higher level of responsibility for the code quality. So, in this article, I tried to list the questions (and some answers) to think about, when working with large(r) Laravel projects.

Your First App in Flutter: Default One VS Understandable One

This article is a "draft" lesson of the upcoming series on Flutter mobile app development using Laravel API on the back-end.

FREE E-book: 100 Laravel Quick Tips (and counting)

Laravel is full of hidden gems, undocumented or less-known features, functions parameters and "hacks". While finding them in work of my team, I decided to compile them into an e-book.

8 Tricks with Laravel Timestamps

By default, Laravel Eloquent models assume your table has timestamp fields - created_at and updated_at. But there's plenty of things you can...
Laravel Auth controllers

Taylor Otwell: Laravel 7 Will Move Auth Controllers into UI Package

I've been listening to Laravel Snippet podcast by Taylor Otwell, and heard some news about upcoming Laravel 7, which I think is pretty important for blog readers to know. So, changes are coming to Auth scaffolding.

Upload and Parse CSV with Laravel MediaLibrary and SpreadsheetReader

Quick example of a code I had to write recently. Task is simple - upload CSV and parse it. Also save that file and the record, which user uploaded it. Let's take a look.

Eloquent: Recursive hasMany Relationship with Unlimited Subcategories

Quite often in e-shops you can see many level of categories and subcategories, sometimes even unlimited. This article will show you how...

The Biggest Problem with Eloquent Accessors “Magic”

I confess - during five years of working with Laravel, I've been fascinated by its "magic" and how little code is needed to actually make things work. But recently, as my projects grew in size, that "magic" started to become a problem. One of the typical example is Eloquent Accessors, so in this article I will put an argument against using them, and what to do instead.

Get Array of IDs from Eloquent Collection: pluck() or modelKeys()

There are situations where you need to get array of IDs for some records in collection/table. I will show you two quick ways to do it - one is pretty popular, and another is a function which I found out only today.
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