How to generate random password in Laravel

This is a really really short one. I just needed to generate a random password for a user and noticed that Google doesn’t really give a one-line answer, which is really simple.

Firstly, how to generate random string – Laravel has a helper called str_random($length). In terms of saving hashed password to database, we use Hash::make($password).

So the end result for generating 8-symbol length password looks as simple as this:

$hashed_random_password = Hash::make(str_random(8));

Of course, don’t forget:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Hash;

Generated password can look like:


And hash is something like:


That’s it for now, hope it’s a useful short tip.

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  1. The instruction above is suitable for those who are already good in coding but is not a clear instruction for beginners. Beginner doesn’t understand where to put the code, where to start and where to end.

    • I agree, but my articles are not suitable for complete beginners. Otherwise I would have to start and end the articles with building a full Laravel project.

  2. Ive try this one, and it works.
    Just echo the password and change your password via database

    Add it on your display controller. Or in anyblade to see the password.


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