Developer Profile: Muhammad Nouman

Muhammad Nouman
Medior Laravel Developer with 2+ years of experience
$10 per hour
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I have a solid background in Laravel PHP Framework and related technologies and my experience with developing REST APIs with React Native mobile app development, user management, and multilingual features for web applications is impressive. My proficiency in JS, JQuery, and AJAX will be helpful in developing dynamic and interactive web applications. And also have an experience with Laravel Passport API which will be valuable in implementing secure authentication and authorization mechanisms. Very familiar with Laravel Cron jobs will be helpful in automating repetitive tasks in applications.

I have impressive experience with OneSignal push notification, Payment Gateway Integration, and BunnyCDN integration in Laravel applications. These skills will be useful in developing modern web applications that can deliver content and services to users efficiently and reliably. And also very familiarity with Google Analytics and Sentry integration will enable monitoring, tracking, and fixing issues in real-time, which is critical for maintaining the quality and performance of web applications and I am responsible for server deployment and daily push/pull changes in a production environment to work with others and manage projects effectively.

I also have experience with SQL schema design and ERD and MySQL queries, which are essential aspects of my skill set, enabling me to design, create, and manage databases efficiently. This will be valuable in developing scalable and robust web applications that can handle large amounts of data and traffic.

Having said that, I have experience and skills that demonstrate the ability to develop and deploy modern web applications using Laravel PHP Framework and related technologies.

Ended up by saying that passionate and down-to-earth prove that we can change the world with fast-proven technology- NS.