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Oghenetega Nanu
Laravel developer with 5 years of experience
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I have over 5.5 years of experience working with startups and agencies, and I've helped to build their businesses by providing well-thought-out full-stack software solutions to both new and established firms.

As an agency and, more importantly, as a developing startup with a web-based infrastructure, it is crucial to understand and implement your ideas using the tools and technologies best suited for the solution your product offers. For this reason, it is crucial to have a team member who is aware of the technologies that would be most effective in resolving your particular issues.

My past experience with clients has been centered on delivering good software MVPs for startups and agencies who reach out for business, and I have been able to achieve success with them because of my background knowledge in Computer Engineering and my experience with always thriving to write readable, optimal and reusable codebases.

Some of the services I offer as a full-stack developer are:

  1. Consultation: You can book a consultation with me if you have an idea that you want to build into a web application and I will walk you through the thought process and technologies needed to bring the application to life.

  2. Development of Websites from a provided design: All you need to do as a customer is share a design with me that clearly shows how the website should be presented, and I will think through the best approach, tools, and technologies that will be required to get the designs up and operating to optimal standards.

  3. Redesign and Optimization of web pages: If you are dissatisfied with the outcomes of other freelancers, I can also assist you in redesigning and improving the functioning and display of your website for improved responsiveness and interactivity.

  4. Code fixes: I also fix bad code and carry out audits for more efficient runtime and performance on your backend amongst other software related services



What I do for fun: I’m also a fan of video games and hiking at my leisure time and I am planning to go on a skydive in the nearest future.

I am available for consultations and discussions about your needs if you think I would be the ideal person to work with you. You can message me at any time.