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Christopher Quinonez
Full Stack Web Developer with 4 years of experience
15$ / hour
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I've been developing for the web since 2019 as a freelancer and began working professionally since 2020 at a company called Open Technologies, where we developed software for one of the largest banks in the country, real estate agencies, news media and more. My first project there was to integrate the frontend web app for the aforementioned bank (Basa Bank). After the successful launch of the product and several other projects, I quickly rose to higher positions leading to more responsibility and eventually becoming a sort of "teacher" for other junior developers.

After a single year there, I was somehow headhunted for a startup company because I was recommended to them by someone I had worked with in the past. This startup company offered me the opportunity to spearhead their projects and lead them to production, which we successfully did.

I mainly use Laravel for most of my projects, alongside Livewire, Bootstrap, Tailwind and other technologies and if necessary I would learn a new technology to get the job done.