Laravel Widgets Package: Build Dashboard with Auto-Reloading Data

New video on our YouTube channel – mini-review of a package called Laravel Widgets. It’s pretty simple on the surface, but has a few great features to make it really useful.

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  1. Excellent package and thanks for the review.

    I have installed the package, but I keep getting the following error, “Templates should only be responsible for mapping the state to the UI. Avoid placing tags with side-effects in your templates, such as , as they will not be parsed.”

    Any idea how to fix it?

  2. Hi, how is it possible to use it from my custom package and then in-app? The last part of the doc is information about it but it is doesn’t work for me. Do you have experience with this thanks!

  3. hello sir, i want to use widgets laravel backpack but use in controller not crud controller how and can or not ? please and thank you.


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