New Laravel Quickstart guide with example application

Last night Taylor announced a pleasant surprise for the beginners of Laravel – new Quickstart section in the official documentation.

From the intro:

This quickstart guide provides a basic introduction to the Laravel framework and includes content on database migrations, the Eloquent ORM, routing, validation, views, and Blade templates. This is a great starting point if you are brand new to the Laravel framework or PHP frameworks in general.

To sample a basic selection of Laravel features, we will build a simple task list we can use to track all of the tasks we want to accomplish (the typical “to-do list” example).

So, in a nutshell – it’s an example of building really simple application for managing task list. It goes through all the basics of Laravel, providing links to more information, if you want to go deeper on one of the subjects.

Link once again: Laravel Quickstart – Basic Task List

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