New Online Course: Datatables in Laravel

This week I’ve launched a new online course called Datatables in Laravel, and want to invite you to enroll. Here’s what you will get inside.

View inside the course

First, a little backstory. I’ve been working with library for a long time, as a part of our Laravel adminpanel generator QuickAdminPanel. Seen a lot of customizations and issues that occur to our customers. So decided to share my knowledge in this video course.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to structure Laravel project for Datatables, where/how to load them;
  • Why you need server-side rendering for performance, and how it works;
  • How to customize rows/columns;
  • How to add filters for columns or globally;
  • and much more.

And here are a few videos that you watch for free:

Filter by Column: By Input Fields or Dropdowns

Faster Datatables: Yajra Package with AJAX Server-Side Rendering

Interested? Purchase the course here for $19.

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  1. Hey Povilas,

    Does the course over, or, have you ever encountered the ability to perform a multi-select on a column?

    I’ve been pushed this far enough down the backlog but I’m about to try my hand at tackling it today!

    • Hi, multi-select on a column? Could you give a screenshot/link example what exactly do you mean? Like filter with dropdown with multiple select values?

  2. Yeah that’s precisely what I meant, a multi-select. The bigger issue is whilst using the Yajra package. With it, you are able to add custom columns via, “addColumn” ontop of your Eloquent models. This is helpful for displaying relationship data. However, the problem occurs when trying to perform Searches on those relationship columns. It took me a good full 8 hours to come up with a solution that works.

    I would love to clean this up, and wondering if your course touches on this and any more of these advanced techniques!


    • Hi Matt,
      No, the course doesn’t cover particularly this case of adding columns and searching in them. Or, well, partly, because there is a lesson to add “Edit/Delete” button and it mentions “searchable: false” parameter, so it’s roughly in that direction.

      Let’s put it this way – if you purchase the course and see that it’s too “amateur” for you, then I’m happy to give you full refund, just email me in that case.


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