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QuickAdmin is a Laravel package which can help you create your adminpanel or data management system in minutes.

We all know how painful it is to create all CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) functionality for a new project over and over again (or copy-pasting it from somewhere), so QuickAdmin will take that pain away.

Its basic workflow looks like this:

  • You have a fresh Laravel 5.2 install (For Laravel 5.1.11 use 0.4.X branch). Laravel versions below 5.1.11 are not supported.
  • Add QuickAdmin to Composer
  • Run QuickAdmin install command from Terminal
  • Login to your newly-built adminpanel!
  • Create more CRUDs and menu items from your adminpanel
QuickAdmin is the best fit for:
  • Data management systems
  • Niche smaller CRM projects
  • Projects where you know the database structure and want to transform it into an adminpanel


Installation: Quick version

  • Install the package via composer require laraveldaily/quickadmin.
  • Add Laraveldaily\Quickadmin\QuickadminServiceProvider::class, to your config\app.php providers.
  • Configure your .env with the correct database information
  • Run php artisan quickadmin:install and fill the required information.
  • Register middleware 'role' => \Laraveldaily\Quickadmin\Middleware\HasPermissions::class, in your App\Http\Kernel.php at $routeMiddleware
  • Access QuickAdmin panel by visiting http://yourdomain/admin.

Installation: Detailed version

Fresh laravel installation

composer create-project laravel/laravel ProjectName --prefer-dist

Confirm that installation was complete and key was set

Install Laraveldaily/quickadmin package via composer require

composer require laraveldaily/quickadmin

Confirm that installation was complete

Register our service provider

in the $providers array

Run Quickadmin installation command*

*database connection is required. Check your .env file

php artisan quickadmin:install

Enter the name of the administrator

Enter the email of the administrator which will be used to log in

Enter the password of the administrator which will be used to log in

Confirm that installation was successful

Register our route middleware in your system

'role' => \Laraveldaily\Quickadmin\Middleware\HasPermissions::class,
in the $routeMiddleware array

Basic usage

Open browser and enter

Welcome page will open with two functions: Users management and CRUD creation

Open users list to see all of the users

You may add some new users/administrators
Notice: there are two roles - administrator and user. Administrator can create other users and CRUDS

Open menu link

Open CRUD creation form

Open custom controller creation form

Open parent menu item creation form

After creation of CRUD, Custom controller or parent you will be able to rearrange the items

You can edit information

Fill your first CRUD "Products"

See result - new menu item on the left

Enter your products list (list can be empty if no entries were created)

Create new product

Review user actions

That's all. Have fun!

If you have any questions or need a personal demo contact us at