Eloquent is a great thing - you can build your query step-by-step and then call get() method. But sometimes it gets a little tricky for more complicated queries - for example, if you have multiple AND-OR conditions and you want to put brackets, how to do it properly?
Just a quick tip - since Laravel 5.1 now is coming with PSR-2 support (most important change is spaces indent instead of tabs), it makes sense to configure your editor to support that by default, if you haven't done so already.
Laravel is pretty strict about any kind of errors - if you try to use undefined variable or don't pass a necessary parameter you immediately see Whoops or another kind of error, depending how you handle them. There's a little trick with Input variables that might save you some time and lines of code.
Pretty common situation - you have a date field in the MySQL database, which has a default format of YYYY-MM-DD, but the users need to see/edit dates in MM/DD/YYYY. How do you handle it properly in Laravel?
A small new feature in Laravel 5.1 - just for those who want to group their routes a little more properly. Now we can add a prefix not only to routes, but to the route groups as well.