Requests: has() and hasFile()

Another quick tip and thing to watch out for. When processing form data, how do you check if the field is not empty? With $request->has(‘field’), right? But what about uploaded files?

The thing is: if you have a file field, and you try to check it with $request->has(‘file’), it will always return FALSE. For files there is a specific method:

if ($request->hasFile('photo')) {

Speaking here from my own experience – once it took me a while to figure out why $request->has() doesn’t return TRUE, although I could swear I’m uploading the right file.

Hopefully a useful short tip!

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  1. Thanks for this explanation, I have problems with has() and hasFile() to use a Update method in my controller, has() ever return true, instead hasFile() ever return false, and i need udate one image file


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