WebDevBusiness – my new blog and podcast about the Business of web-development

This time I want to present you something non-technical. While writing to Laravel Daily, I thought that I have quite a lot to say about business part of web-development, not only Laravel technical tips. Especially since I’m currently transitioning from being a developer to being a team leader and owner of small company which you could call a “studio”, I guess.

So, here we go – I present to you my new blog:

Web-development business

The idea here is to share my knowledge with people who deal with web-dev but not from coding side:

  • Employers and clients
  • Project managers
  • Team-leads
  • Freelancers

I start with three first posts:

1. Find your niche and don’t be one of a million
One of the most common problems in web-dev business environment are agencies who do everything.

2. Use Trello or Asana? Why not both?
What are you using as a project management software? Answers may vary, so I will tell my own story and make some recommendations.

3. And a separate note – I’m also starting a video podcast!
Episode 01. What your clients actually need?

So this is the beginning, if you want to get more articles from WebDevBusiness – you can do two things:

Now, important note – I’m not stopping Laravel Daily in any way: new articles and tips are coming, and there’s a lot of new things planned. So stay tuned!

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