My new FREE e-book: “Laravel for Clients”

Another side-project from my team and me personally. Lately there’s quite a lot of books about Laravel, as the framework gets more popular. But the thing I’ve missed on the market is a non-technical book about Laravel. So here it is – presenting to you “Laravel for Clients”!

Here’s what you will find in my new e-book:

Laravel for Clients

About the idea

While working with clients on Laravel-based projects, I’ve noticed similarities in how clients approach the process. They usually know something about web-projects (otherwise why diving into web-business), but not enough to manage it all properly. So a lot of questions appear where we have to friendly educate the client on why we need to do this and that.

Typical example is web-hosting and deployment process. Being non-technical, clients don’t know the difference between shared-hosting and Digital Ocean, they only compare prices. Also they are fine with using FTP instead of proper deployment. Which is a problem in Laravel world.

So I’ve decided to write a book with some compiled questions-answers for usual situations I’ve encountered with clients. Most of that is on Laravel-based or web-based projects but some information is relevant to almost any IT project.

How to read this book

Our team created a simple landing page for the book, where actually you can read the book itself for free – chapter navigation is on the left, and content appears on the right side, with previous-next links after each chapter.

Laravel for Clients

If you prefer an offline-mode and PDF version – you can do that too, just go to the bottom of that page, enter your email address, and you will get a link to a PDF file.

While this book is for clients, you can use it as a developer too – by sending the links to your clients, instead of explaining stuff every time. Feel free to use my material.

And if you think something is missing/wrong or have any comments, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below this article or, as usual, shoot me an email:

Once again – link to the book: Laravel for Clients

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    • Hi Sushilkumar, thank you for the comment – it means you have actually read this far! 🙂
      But I don’t think it’s a mistake – we will have Laravel 5.3 in August, and then next year in January/February (which is 6 months from now) we expect a 5.4 version. Am I missing something?

  1. Hi Povilas,

    Good idea. I’m downloading my copy just now. I just wanted to ask if you have planned Epub or Mobi versions of the book for us Kindle users. There are services that makes it really easy and helps you if you want to put a price on your work. I have purchased several Laravel books on this website:

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Urbankid,
      No, not planning epub/mobi, this ebook is too small to be properly released for money, it’s more like a 5x long article. I can share with you an original Google Doc if you want to convert it yourself for your usage.

  2. Hi Povilas,
    Great job on Laravel Daily, just reading through your new book found typo at section > How to prepare a project specification for developer(s)?
    “5. Other people involved. If you’re higing a back-ender” it should be
    “5. Other people involved. If you’re hiring a back-ender”
    Other than that book is nice till now.

    Good, Work on Laravel…


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