Laravel People to follow (58)

This is the list of people to follow on Twitter for Laravel content, in no particular order.

If you feel someone is missing, something is incorrect, or you want to remove yourself from this list, email me

Name / Twitter Link Description
Wendell Adriel Wendell Adriel Web Artisan specialized in PHP/Laravel, open-source contributor.
Dries Vints Dries Vints Laravel Core Team member. Maintainer of community, organizer of Full Stack Belgium/Europe.
Joe Dixon Joe Dixon Laravel core team member and maintainer of
Jack Ellis Jack Ellis Co-founder of Fathom Analytics. Author of SingleStore for Laravel.
Shruti Balasa Shruti Balasa Tech Educator. YouTuber and Course Creator.
Andrew Schmelyun Andrew Schmelyun Dev Blogger, YouTuber and side projects creator.
Steve McDougall Steve McDougall Blogger, YouTuber, Writer at Laravel News.
Mohammad Emran Mohammad Emran Mentoring developers to become Tech Leads. Creator of
Pascal Baljet Pascal Baljet Owner of Protone Media. Author of Laravel Splade and many other Laravel packages.
Davor Minchorov Davor Minchorov PHP developer via Adeva. Blogger.
Joel Clermont Joel Clermont Blogger. Author of a few Laravel books. Co-host of No Compromises podcast.
Philo Hermans Philo Hermans Tweeting about Laravel, Livewire, startups. Creator of,, and Wire Elements.
Michael Dyrynda Michael Dyrynda Organizer of Laracon AU, co-host of Laravel News podcast.
Stephen Rees-Carter Stephen Rees-Carter Speaker. Security consultant. Author of Laravel Security in Depth.
Bert De Swaef Bert De Swaef Laravel developer and YouTuber.
Tim MacDonald Tim MacDonald Laravel core team member. Blogger and open-source creator.
Eric L. Barnes Eric L. Barnes Creator of Laravel News and Larajobs.
Ash Allen Ash Allen Laravel Blogger. Author of Battle Ready Laravel.
Luke Downing Luke Downing Laravel enthusiast. Creator of Pest from Scratch course. Open-source creator.
Jordan Dalton Jordan Dalton Laravel Guru, Youtuber, Entrepreneur (1x Acquired).
Matt Stauffer Matt Stauffer Teaches & codes Laravel. Speaker and blogger. Host of Laravel Podcast.
Tom Witkowski Tom Witkowski Founder of Web developer, biker, and gamer.
Barry vd. Heuvel Barry vd. Heuvel Creator of many Laravel packages - including Laravel IDE Helper and Laravel Debugbar.
Mohamed Said Mohamed Said Ex-Laravel Core Team member. YouTuber and Laracasts instructor. Author of e-book Laravel Queues in Action.
Gaurav Makhecha Gaurav Makhecha Running a web dev agency. Posting weekly Laravel digests on Twitter.
Freek Van der Herten Freek Van der Herten PHP developer at Spatie, blogging at
Matt Kingshott Matt Kingshott Posting Laravel tips on Twitter. Software developer and content creator.
James Brooks James Brooks Laravel Core Team member, primarily working on Forge and Envoyer. Host of Happy Dev Podcast.
Kai Sassnowski Kai Sassnowski Conference speaker. Author of Roach PHP and Laravel Venture.
Marcel Pociot Marcel Pociot CTO at BeyondCode, author of many Laravel tutorials. Creator of tools like Tinkerwell, What-the-Diff and more.
Chris Fidao Chris Fidao Creator of Servers for Hackers, Chipper CI, Cloud Casts.
David Hemphill David Hemphill Internet Maker. Co-creator of Laravel Nova, ChipperCI, and Tailwind.
Povilas Korop Povilas Korop Author of this Laravel Daily website. YouTuber and Course Creator.
Zuzana Kunckova Zuzana Kunckova Laravel course creator. Founder of Larabelles.
Graham Campbell Graham Campbell Laravel Core Team member. OSS Maintainer. StyleCI Founder.
Adam Wathan Adam Wathan Creator of Tailwind CSS. Previously authored many Laravel tutorials, books, and courses.
Jonathan Reinink Jonathan Reinink Creator of Inertia. Author of Eloquent Performance Patterns. Now works at Tailwind.
Jason McCreary Jason McCreary Creator of Laravel Shift and Confident Laravel course.
Nuno Maduro Nuno Maduro Laravel Core team member. Product creator: PEST, Laravel Zero, Larastan, Laravel Pint, and many more.
Brent Roose Brent Roose Blogger at, YouTuber at PHP Annotated, Dev advocate at PhpStorm.
Alex Garrett-Smith Alex Garrett-Smith Founder of CodeCourse.
Ryan Chandler Ryan Chandler Laravel Blogger. Co-Creator of Filament.
Taylor Otwell Taylor Otwell Founded and creating Laravel for the happiness of all sentient beings, especially developers.
Christoph Rumpel Christoph Rumpel Laravel Blogger, YouTuber. Author of courses about PEST, Laravel Core and PhpStorm.
Aaron Francis Aaron Francis Co-founder of Tweets about Laravel, MySQL, and building things.
Martin Joo Martin Joo Blogger. Author of Domain-Driver Design with Laravel and other books. Building Laracheck.
Ollie Read Ollie Read Laravel YouTuber, Blogger, tweeting about PHP and Laravel.
Benjamin Crozat Benjamin Crozat Laravel fan and Blogger.
Bobby Bouwmann Bobby Bouwmann Top contributor at Laracasts. Conference speaker.
Shane D Rosenthal Shane D Rosenthal Extroverted Developer. YouTuber with a channel called LaravelOnline. Pilot. Father. Husband.
Jess Archer Jess Archer Laravel Core team member. Full-stack developer, maker, podcaster, speaker.
Paul Redmond Paul Redmond Writer at Laravel News. Author of Docker for PHP Developers.
Dan Harrin Dan Harrin TALL Stack developer. Creator of Filament.
Amit Merchant Amit Merchant Laravel Blogger, YouTuber and Open-source Creator.
Caleb Porzio Caleb Porzio Creator of Laravel Livewire and Alpine.js.
Jeffrey Way Jeffrey Way Creator of Laracasts - training video website admired in Laravel community and beyond.
Mateus Guimarães Mateus Guimarães Laravel YouTuber, author of TDD With Laravel and 30 Days of Laravel.
Code With Dary Code With Dary Just a guy that makes Laravel tutorials on YouTube.