Laravel Project Ideas to Build

Real project descriptions from Upwork, so you could build them into your portfolio, to show to potential employers/clients as work examples.

Project Difficulty

Income and expense PHP script

I need a php script to be written with laravel framework in php language.
* income can be added
* Expenses can be added... Read full description

SoulAdvisor Clone: List Your Practice

I am looking for someone laravel expert who can build me a website similar to Read full description

Fitness website and underlying admin system development

Create a website where operators (fitness coaches) can manage users, view their details, create meal plans, workout plans, assign them to users and review user submitted progress with an ability to provide feedback.
Users on their side are able to log into the website, review their meal plans, workout plans assigned to them, view shopping lists created from meal plans, submit their progress/photos, are able to view a few pages filled with text (nothing special, just content loaded dynamically from the CMS) and check their dashboard with an overview of everything in short form and quick links to each section. Read full description

Risk Assessment Portal

To create online application for risk assessment for vendors based on the questionnaire uploaded from admin. Read full description

Ticket sales platform

As an example please check out this site for the kind of functionality I am looking for.
I would also like 2x mobile apps to be designed to work with this, one for customers to book tickets and the other app for organisers to check in attendees and view sales etc. Read full description

Activity tracking: Rebuild a Laravel backend

1. Fully responsive design utilizing Bootstrap.
2. Authentication: Sign up, log in, log out, integration of a free Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) method, such as Google Authenticator or Authy.
3. User Roles: "Admin", "Advanced", "Basic", "Player", and "Public"... Read full description

Php/SQL Job: mass upload data to database

1. Upload a xls file with multiple fields including product code and product name lets call them variables A and B
2. Lookup the product name A in our sql database to find the nearest matching Product name in our existing table... Read full description

Clone of 'Indrive' Ride Sharing App

Build a clone with all the same features as Indrive, including the ability for the customer to post and accept bid prices for the service, track the arrival time in real-time, and make payments securely through the app. The app should be user-friendly and available for iOS and later, Android platforms, but as a Laravel project idea, you could build JUST the API layer. Read full description

Build a straightforward Laravel reservation system

I'm looking for help to build a straightforward reservation system in Laravel. Essentially, the system allows for adding clients, activities, and send out a link to fill in their sizes. The system also generates a PDF for each trip on demand for the guide. Read full description