Project Idea: Php/SQL Job: mass upload data to database

n php code do following

1. Upload a xls file with multiple fields including product code and product name lets call them variables A and B
2. Lookup the product name A in our sql database to find the nearest matching Product name in our existing table which we will call C
3. If match is found add A, B and C into a table called Supplier master table in sql along with all remaining fields in the xls file corresponding to variable A
4. If match not found then display in a 2 column table the values of A and B and all the remaining fields of the xls in left column. While in right column give a search box and a display of similar product names from our existing product table
5. Use can choose the best fit product name in which case step 3 is repeated with the data so got for A, B and C and all remaining fields of the uploaded xls
6. Program ends when all row of xls are read and put into our sql table called Supplier Master Table
7. Above data is stored in a temporary table and displayed on screen for a visual check before being moved to Final supplier table