Laravel Premium Paid Tools

This is the list of premium tools and packages that help to work with Laravel (but not necessarily created for Laravel).
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Disclaimer: there are no affiliate links. I don't get paid for any recommendations/links, except for our own products when it is mentioned in the description.

Official Laravel Tools

By purchasing them, you support Laravel team directly.

Tool Description Price (Nov 2022)
Laravel Forge Server management: provision and deploy PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon, Hetzner and more. from $12/month
Envoyer Zero Downtime PHP Deployment. from $10/month
Laravel Nova Beautifully-designed administration panel for Laravel. from $99/project
Laravel Spark Complete recurring billing solution for Laravel. A starter-kit for your SaaS application. from $99/project
Laravel Vapor Laravel Vapor is a serverless deployment platform for Laravel, powered by AWS. from $39/month
Tools I've Used Myself

The ones that I can personally recommend, as their customer.

Notice: I'm also a happy customer of Forge, Envoyer and Spark from the list above :)

Tool Creator(s) Description Price (Nov 2022)
PhpStorm JetBrains The PHP IDE. Obvious one, I know, I wasn't sure whether to put it on the list. But so many people mentioned it on Twitter as happy customers, and I'm one of them. from €9.90/month
Ray Spatie Ray is a desktop app that vastly improves your debugging experience. It is a dedicated window to send debugging information to. €49
Laravel Comments Spatie A beautiful Livewire component to associate comments with models in your Laravel application from €49
Tinkerwell BeyondCode The code runner for PHP from €58
Bugsnag SmartBear Monitor your application stability: manage bugs and exceptions from Laravel app. free or from $59/month
Other Tools People Recommend

The ones that I've heard good things about from multiple people, in no particular order.

Tool Creator(s) Description Price (Nov 2022)
Laravel Idea Adel F Plugin for PhpStorm. Code Generation, Eloquent Completion, Routing Completion, Request Fields Completion, Validation Rules Completion and other useful helpers. from $3.9/month
Intelephense Ben Mewburn Plugin for IDE (people use it with VS Code) with a set of code intelligence features for a productive and rich PHP development experience. €15
HELO BeyondCode Painless local email testing for web developers. €49
Mailtrap Railsware Email Sandbox Service: Capture SMTP traffic from staging and dev environments free or from $9.99/month
Sentry Sentry App monitoring platform for tracking bugs and exceptions. Alternative to Bugsnag. free or from $26/month
Laravel Shift Jason McCreary Automated Laravel version upgrades and other auto-improvements for Laravel app code from $5 (some free)
Expose BeyondCode Create public URLs for local sites through any firewall and VPN. Receive webhooks on your machine, test local sites on mobile devices or share them with others. free or from $47/user/year
Media Library Pro Spatie UI elements for spatie/laravel-medialibrary, including React, Vue and Blade components from €79
Flare Spatie Flare is specifically built for Laravel error tracking. Alternative for Bugsnag or Sentry. from €29/month
OhDear Freek and Mattias The all-in-one monitoring tool for your entire website. Downtime happens, certificates expire and links break. from €15/month
Ploi Dennis Smink Deploy your next server in a few clicks. free or from €8/month
HoneyBadger HoneyBadger Fix Laravel errors: uptime, cron, and heartbeat monitoring, status pages and incident management. free or from $39/month
Enlightn Paras and Miguel Enlightn scans your Laravel app code to provide you actionable recommendations on improving its performance, security & more. free or from $99/project
Inspector Valerio Barbera Simple code execution monitoring: identify bugs and bottlenecks in your server side code. free or from $39/month
Boilerplates / Starter Kits / Adminpanels / CMS

Separated them as their own sub-group, for clarity.

Tool Creator(s) Description Price (Nov 2022)
Backpack for Laravel Cristian Tăbăcitu Build and customize admin panels using Laravel. free or from €69/project
QuickAdminPanel LaravelDaily Yes, this is our own product. Visually generate your next Laravel Admin panel. from $14.99/month
Statamic Jack and Mubashar The developer & designer-first Laravel CMS. free or from $259/project
Wave DevDojo Wave is the SaaS Starter Kit packed with authentication, subscriptions, invoices, announcements, user profiles, and more. free or from $15/month
Invoker BeyondCode Desktop application to manage your Laravel projects: instant admin panel, email preview and PHP code runner. free or from $15/month
SaaS Boilerplate Archtech Multi-tenant SaaS boilerplate from TenancyForLaravel. from $199
UI Kits and Visual Components

Not specifically for Laravel, but often mentioned by the framework users.

Tool Creator(s) Description Price (Nov 2022)
Tailwind UI Adam Wathan Beautifully designed, expertly crafted components and templates, built by the makers of Tailwind CSS. from €249
Livewire Kit LaravelDaily Yes, this is our own product. Laravel Livewire Components. Tailwind or Bootstrap. $39
Razor UI Lars Klopstra Modern looking UI kit for Tailwind CSS. from $89
Wire Elements Pro Philo Hermans Beautiful components crafted with Livewire: Modal, Insert, Slide-Over, Spotlight. from €39
Alpine UI Components Caleb Porzio Well-built, robust, Alpine components: Dropdown, Modal, Accordion, Carousel, Tabs, Notifications, Radio Group, Toggle, Tooltip. $129