Project Idea: Fitness website and underlying admin system development

We are looking for a skilled full-stack developer/small team to create a fitness website with an admin system, intricate user interface with multiple core features and a complex data structure system.

This commission will require a full from ground up development of both frontend and backend, completed with an admin interface for operators to use, promo/call to action web front hooked up to a CMS with an ability to interactively change up it's content and a logged in user web front with a lot of interactive elements.

Please note that the description below is lacking exact details to provide a broad idea of what is expected from the commission. We are able to provide a website example with working functionality of what we're trying to achieve and are open to assist and comment on everything if we decide to proceed with you for our commission.

Main idea of this commission is to create a website where operators (fitness coaches) can manage users, view their details, create meal plans, workout plans, assign them to users and review user submitted progress with an ability to provide feedback.
Users on their side are able to log into the website, review their meal plans, workout plans assigned to them, view shopping lists created from meal plans, submit their progress/photos, are able to view a few pages filled with text (nothing special, just content loaded dynamically from the CMS) and check their dashboard with an overview of everything in short form and quick links to each section.

User side frontend will contain a complex calorie calculator that is one of the core features, this can be explained later in detail during an interview with a working example provided from our side.

Core admin side features for operators:
- Meal plan builder, it should be possible to create custom ingredients with their calories/other parameters, meals containing these ingredients, these meals can be organized into a "day", and 7 of these days can be combined into a meal plan and then assigned to a user
- Workout plan builder, it should be possible to create custom exercises that contain a text description, video/photos, organize them into a "workout", combine multiple workouts together into a workout plan and then assign them to a user.
- A detailed user card with all the information about them, their history, an interface to edit their plans mentioned above and review their progress.
- Create and fill various foods/dine out places with their calories/other params that can later be used by the user in their calorie calculator. Please leave "66841" at the top of your application so we can see that you took your time to read though our post, which we really appreciate :)

Main web front (unlogged user state) will feature a main landing page, log in/sign up page, a pretty big promotion page that is connected to a CMS, it's content should be changeable by a person with no programming skills, a header with a few navigation options.

We are looking for a tech stack of preferably PHP/Laravel backend and Vue.js frontend but are open to suggestions if you think your tech stack will work better for the task described, please note we will not be considering WordPress and Javascript-based backend.
All of the frontend should have both desktop and mobile versions, designed mobile-first.

You will be in contact with a specialist who is an experienced programmer himself and will translate all business ideas to readable and comprehensive tasks, I can also provide code review/brainstorm stuff together if it will be needed.
We are also open for future cooperation if our commission goes on smoothly and both sides will want to continue working together in case there are new feature requests/changes.