Why use $appends with Accessors in Eloquent?

Eloquent has a convenient feature called Accessors – you can define your own custom fields on top of existing in the database table. But then there’s an Eloquent property $appends – should we use it or not? And what’s the difference?

First – how Accessors work

For those who don’t know or have forgotten: for example, if you have User model and fields first_name and last_name in the DB table, then you can create a function in app\User.php:

function getFullNameAttribute() {
  return $this->first_name . ' ' . $this->last_name;

Then you have access to property full_name (in the function name it’s CamelCase, and the property name is with underscores _), for example like this:

echo User::find(1)->full_name;

But here’s the thing – if you just return User object, it won’t contain full_name:


The result would look something like this:

  "created_at":"2015-06-19 08:16:58",
  "updated_at":"2015-06-19 19:48:09"

Here’s where $appends comes in

Now this is the trick – in your User model you can add $appends attribute and list the fields that would automatically be appended:

class User extends Model
  // ...
  protected $appends = ['full_name'];

Now that attribute will be automatically added to the previous JSON:

  "created_at":"2015-06-19 08:16:58",
  "updated_at":"2015-06-19 19:48:09",
  "full_name":"Povilas Korop"
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So, in short – Accessor fields would work just by describing getAbcAttribute() methods, but if you want them to be returned in the list as well, then add them to $appends property.

More about Accessors (and related – Mutators) – in the official documentation.

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  1. “split_details”: {
    “gross_amount”: 101.4,
    “discount”: 0,
    “distance_fare”: 32,
    “time_fare”: 2.38,
    “sub_total”: 101.4,
    “tax”: 0,
    “total_invoice_unround”: 108.1,
    “total_invoice”: 108
    I want to add inside split_details{} this value like “wallet =0” how to append?

  2. Very good explanation, thanks a lot, it helps me to understand passing diffForHumans functionality from my laraval model to my vue component to show a userfriendly date format.

    Again, thank you for your post.


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