Model Default Ordering: Assigning a Global Scope

Quite an often situation in real-life projects that you have to order lists by a certain condition. For example, countries/cities in alphabetical order everywhere. Is there a way to avoid adding “orderBy” every time we make a list for a dropdown? Apparently, it’s pretty easy – we can use Global Scopes.

Let’s say we have a model City with field name, and we need to order all the lists by name. Here’s what function we add to our model – we override a boot() method:

Also we need to add this on top:

Ok, so what do we see here? Method addGlobalScope is getting anonymous function as a parameter, where we actually tell the system what condition to add to all operations with Query Builder.

In reality, if you call City::all() from this point, it will actually execute this query:

For more complex situations, you can change that anonymous function to a separate Scope class and pass it as a parameter, see official documentation here.

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2 thoughts on “Model Default Ordering: Assigning a Global Scope

  1. Very useful!
    Is there a way of sorting by ‘table_name’.’field’?
    I can’t manage to get the table name dynamically in the static method (need an instance, or hardcoded table name)

    1. Workaround I’m using at the moment is to create an instance of the model to extract the table name:
      $tableName = (new Model())->getTable();

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