Laravel Group Query Result by Day/Month/Year

Quick tip for those who want to list some events, grouping them by some date value – by day, month, year etc.

Let’s take a look at example – we have this database structure of appointments.

And we want to list the upcoming appointments for 7 days ahead, grouped by day. Like this:

Ok, so here’s the code:

$days = Appointment::whereBetween('start_time', [now(), now()->addDays(7)])
    ->groupBy(function ($val) {
        return Carbon::parse($val->start_time)->format('d');

foreach ($days as $day => $appointments) {
    echo '<h2>'.$day.'</h2><ul>';
    foreach ($appointments as $appointment) {
        echo '<li>'.$appointment->start_time.'</li>';
    echo '</ul>';

A few explanations here:

  1. The main “trick”: you can use Collection result to groupBy any custom logic you want – see groupBy(function ($val) { …
  2. Inside of that groupBy we still need to use Carbon::parse(), even if start_time column is within $dates array of the model.
  3. Use now() helper to manipulate some dates

That’s it! You can read more about available Collection grouping/manipulating methods in the official documentation, or purchase my course “Eloquent: Expert Level”, where I dedicated one of the sections to Collections, see below:

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  2. I need to arrange the programs with the day, let say on Monday these programs will be displayed on the dashboard, when it reach midnight it changes itself to another day with programs I’m using laravel.Any help kindly?


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