Eloquent: The Expert Level (Laravel 9)

  • 32 lessons
  • 1 h 53 min

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About this course

Update: we have a newer updated text-based course on this topic: Laravel 11 Eloquent: Expert Level

The no.1 topic of Laravel-related questions I get is about Eloquent.

  • How to query X?
  • What's the best structure of a relationship?
  • How to customize X in Models?
  • etc.

Eloquent questions Stackoverflow

So, in this 2-hour course, you will find many answers to these and other questions.

Also, you'll discover a lot of Eloquent "hidden gems" that you didn't know before, to perform some database operations in a shorter way.

We'll talk about Model structure, creating/selecting records, advanced relationships, and more.

So, do you want to get to the next level in your Eloquent knowledge? Join me inside the course!