Eloquent: Expert Level Course - 4 FREE Lessons and 50% Discount

I've recently launched a new online-course Eloquent: Expert Level. With this article, I want to make you an offer which may convince you to join the course. First, about the course. It's 4 hours of video, in 39 lessons, divided into 7 sections. Here's a video summary of what you can get inside: This course was born out of multiple Eloquent-related questions and bug-fixes in my own career. My plan is to also use some videos as references for junior developers, if they don't understand a certain topics. Now, my offer to you.
  1. From today you can watch first four lessons absolutely free. Just click Start or Preview in the list of lessons on this page.
  2. Only for limited time I'm doing a promotion of 50% off regular $99 price, so you can enroll in a course for only $49. Technically, it's even more than half off. Use the promo code OFF50.
That's it, simple! Check out the course and enroll here. P.S. I already have ideas for future courses, and your enrolling in the course would give me additional motivation to continue teaching you Laravel.

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