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    HTTP client request without verifying

    Sometimes, you may want to send HTTP request without verifying SSL in your local environment, you can do like so:

    return Http::withoutVerifying()->post('https://example.com');

    If you want to set multiple options, you can use withOptions.

    return Http::withOptions([
    'verify' => false,
    'allow_redirects' => true

    Tip given by @raditzfarhan

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  • Code example: spatie/spatie.be

    Files in the example

    • app/Support/FreeGeoIp/FreeGeoIp.php
    • app/Models/Purchasable.php
    • app/Support/PPPApi/PPPApi.php
    • app/Console/Commands/UpdateConversionRatesCommand.php
  • Code example: Astrotomic/opendor.me

    Files in the example

    • app/Console/Commands/GithubLanguages.php
  • Code example: LaravelDaily/Laravel-Alpine-Weather-API

    Files in the example

    • app/Http/Controllers/Api/WeatherController.php