Deploy Laravel Project to AWS EC2: Step-By-Step

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About this course

Many of Laravel jobs will mention AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a requirement. In my research, this number was at about 40-50%.

Laravel AWS Jobs

Of course, the whole AWS ecosystem is huge, with a lot of tools, but the very foundation for beginners, in my opinion, is to set up a server and deploy a Laravel project there.

The most simple platform for this is called EC2, and in this text-form course I will show you a very detailed step-by-step guide:

  • How to create the server
  • How to install/configure software tools for PHP/Laravel
  • Finally, how to deploy the Laravel project there

This will be a text-based and not a video course, but with a huge amount of screenshots and Terminal commands shown, for every step.

On the way, you will learn more useful things like Linux Terminal commands, configuring DNS records, PHP dependencies, and more.

In a way, this course can be treated as a "Setting up Ubuntu Server for Laravel" course, just with AWS EC2 as an example.

If you have any questions or want me to dive deeper into some AWS ecosystem tools in the future, comment below the lessons.

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So, let's dive into learning how to deploy to Amazon!

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