Flutter v2 Mobile App with Laravel API

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About this course

These days, Laravel is used not only for web applications but also as a back-end API for mobile apps. One of the most popular tool to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS is a framework called Flutter, based on Dart programming language and created by Google.

So, this course is actually 2-in-1: we will create a Laravel 8 API project and a Flutter mobile app. The project will be a simple expense management app and will consist of two CRUDs - categories and transactions.

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In this 4-hour video course, you will learn:

  • How to structure Laravel API: requests, responses, resources
  • How to use Laravel Sanctum for the Auth - both from Laravel and Flutter sides
  • How to apply multi-tenancy so each user would see their own data - both from Laravel and Flutter sides
  • How to build mobile app screens with widgets from the Material design library
  • How to structure mobile app files and create things like stateless/stateful widgets, screens, models, services, providers
  • What is the core syntax of Dart language (hint: it's quite similar to PHP OOP)

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So, ready to create mobile apps powered by Laravel API? See you inside the course!