Laravel 10: Small Reservation Project Step-By-Step

  • 13 lessons
  • 26731 words

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About this course

This text-based course is a detailed explanation of how I would create a real project taken from Upwork: from analyzing the job description to actually finishing it off.

I also include a lesson where I mimic the scenario of a client giving feedback which leads us to refactor one feature. Doesn't it happen in real life?

So, this course is not about a specific topic, but the ideas behind it could be used for any typical reservation project. The goal is to show you my thinking process behind each step of how I would normally build such a project.

But, along the way, we will touch on these features:

  • Roles/Permissions with Policies and Middleware
  • Writing automated feature tests
  • Enums in PHP
  • Accessors/mutators in Eloquent
  • Sending invitations to new users
  • Building image thumbnails
  • ...and more

As usual, the repository is available on GitHub.

So, will you join me on this journey?