PHP for Laravel Developers

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About this course

I know the title of the course may sound silly, but I noticed a real pattern: developers who start learning Laravel without having PHP fundamentals.

While it is totally possible to create Laravel projects this way, they inevitably bump into limits of their knowledge:

  • How to change Laravel structure? (OOP knowledge)
  • Why doesn't this package install? (composer commands)
  • Why some syntax/method doesn't work on their server? (PHP versions)
  • etc.

So, I compiled all such common questions and situations into this course.

It's not a "PHP from scratch for beginners". There are already dozens of such courses online.

It's specifically built with Laravel examples, for Laravel developers, about how PHP features are used in Laravel projects.

Ironically, the prerequisite for this PHP course is Laravel knowledge.

Here's a testimonial from one of the students:

So, let's dive in and start with OOP fundamentals!