Vue.js 3 Client Parking App: Step-by-Step

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About this course

This is a step-by-step course how to create a Vue.js application for the existing separate Laravel-based API. The example Parking API is taken from the course Build Laravel API for Car Parking App: Step-By-Step, in this follow-up course we're creating a front-end Vue app.

Notice: This is not a Laravel SPA, it's a front-end course with Vue.js 3. It often makes sense to have front-end knowledge, if your company wants to create separate clients for web and mobile, with the same Laravel API.

Here are a few screenshots from the final front-end application:

Vue Car Parking App

Vue Car Parking App 2

This course was co-created with David Lun, a core Laravel Daily Team member.

The code will be also fully available as a repository on GitHub.