Developer Profile: Tiberius Pircalabu

Tiberius Pircalabu
Php/Laravel senior developer and software architect
Bucharest, Romania
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As a software architect and senior web developer, I possess a wealth of experience in planning and executing both simple and complex solutions for clients. My expertise in utilizing php/laravel for backend and html/javascript for frontend, supplemented with appropriate frameworks and libraries, enables me to deliver efficient and speedy results.

I place a high emphasis on understanding the core business value that a project aims to provide to its end users, and my work centers on ensuring that this value is delivered to them as soon as possible. My ability to maintain a broad perspective on projects allows me to understand both the individual components and their interactions, ensuring that everything functions seamlessly.

I take ownership of my work and strive to deliver it to the highest standards possible. Strong communication skills are important to me, and I expect the same level of professionalism from the team I'm working with.