Laravel Wink Package: WordPress Mini-Alternative for Laravel?

A quick review of Laravel Wink by Mohamed Said. It provides a really pleasant writing experience, but is it good for actual fully-featured blog project? Let’s take a look.

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    • You misconfigured the URL, /public should not be a part of the URL. Or, if it is, then it should be in your .env file as part of APP_URL.

  1. Probably is /public problem. I will try without /public on other pc and if works I will tell here. on this pc I don’t have auth for changing some files.

  2. really liking these videos. Can you do one about database seeds and migration on dev versus production environments?
    Some questions are:
    1. How do I migrate my app from dev to production, say if I have faker data on dev?
    2. How do I make sure that the faker migrations dont run on production? I am familiar with App:Environment() but is there a package or more elegant way to do this?
    3. Also, how do I select which migrations to run on production? (say I have a live app with real data on production, and want to add specific database tables and data, without erasing any of the data on production?

    • Ok, adding migrations/seeds to the list for a bigger article or even course, this subject is pretty big one with a lot of cases.

      • An Article or Youtube video would be great. Thank you.

        Btw – I didnt get notified via email of your response..though I had subscribed to replies. THought you should know.


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