Embed and Parse Youtube/Vimeo Videos with Laravel Embed Package

I've recently found a simple package that helps to transform any URL into embeddable HTML, the best examples are Youtube and Vimeo videos.

Let's imagine you have a video input text field (not uploadable video but URL), which you than need to transform into HTML code, depending on the platform.

So, some users may specify Youtube video:

Others may add a link from Vimeo platform:

And in the final result, you probably want both to be working, like in this table:

We have a Laravel package to help: KaneCohen/embed

The usage is pretty simple.

Step 1. Installation.

Add to composer.json "require" section:

"cohensive/embed": "5.5.*"

Step 2. config/app.php: add provider and alias

// ... Providers array ...

// ... Aliases array ...
'Embed' => Cohensive\Embed\Facades\Embed::class,

Step 3. Eloquent Accessor Field

Let's attach the embedded HTML to an accessor field of app/Product.php model:

use Cohensive\Embed\Facades\Embed;

class Product extends Model

    public function getVideoHtmlAttribute()
        $embed = Embed::make($this->video)->parseUrl();

        if (!$embed)
            return '';

        $embed->setAttribute(['width' => 400]);
        return $embed->getHtml();


Step 4. View Embedded HTML

In the Blade code, you just need to view this:

{!! $product->video_html !!}

I haven't tested, but the package has more support for embeddable platforms, see its configuration file:

  • youtubePlaylistVideo
  • youtubePlaylist
  • youtube
  • liveleak
  • vimeo
  • dailymotion
  • gametrailers
  • ign
  • vine
  • coub
  • kickstarter
  • ustream
  • twitchArchive
  • twitchArchiveChapter
  • twitch
  • html5video
  • gfycat
  • web.tv

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