Filament Date Picker: Disable Dates with Conditions

For the date field, Filament uses the native browser date picker field by default. But we can use a custom date picker to add extra features. In this tutorial, let's disable some dates from being picked: let's turn off selecting the weekend dates for the next month.

disabled weekend dates

To make it work, first, we must set the DatePicker native to false.


We can disable some dates by adding a disabledDates() method.

This method needs to return an array of dates. Luckily, almost every method in Filament accepts a closure. So, in this closure, we can use Carbon with CarbonPeriod to create an array of weekends from a period of dates.

->disabledDates(function () {
$start = Carbon::now()->addMonth()->startOfMonth();
$end = $start->copy()->addMonth()->endOfMonth();
$period = CarbonPeriod::create($start, $end);
$weekends = [];
foreach ($period as $date) {
if ($date->isWeekend()) {
$weekends[] = $date->format('Y-m-d');
return $weekends;

Now, in the date picker, we have all weekend days disabled for the next month.

disabled weekends

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